Previously, we talked about the brief meaning of red colour. Red colour is so fascinating and this time we are going a little bit deeper into discovering shade of red. Red is not only having dozens of meaning, but also as one of the oldest known colour in history. From cave painting in French to Roman Empire warrior to Elizabeth era to our modern day.


at the beginning red was associate with blood, which hold a meaning of death and life. In Roman Empire, red become the symbols of courage, then love, Virtuality and today also as symbols of fortune, joy and happiness.


Below are several shades of red with the meaning of their symbols. 


1. Blood red

Close to dark red and maroon, symbolise anger, aggression, sin, death or loyalty (a blood oath) and life and love (associated with the heart)


2. Maroon, dark red and fire brick

Maroon, dark red and fire brick are mysterious shades of red. Why? Because maroon carries a mix of symbolism of red: attention/ take action and purple: riches/mystery.



3. Scarlet 

A shade of red with hints of orange, is the colour of flames. Scarlet carries the symbol of power and it’s associated with theology and military.


4. Crimson

Crimson is one of the shade of red that have a complex meaning attach to it. Crimson refers to the bright pinkish shade of red, it carries symbolism of power and danger, but also happiness and celebration. Crimson also associated with the Church and the Bible. During the Elizabeth area, crimson was associated with royalty, nobility and high social standing.



5. Indian Red

Indian red is a lighter shade of red with blue and purple undertone. Indian Red carries symbolism of pink, playfulness and blue/purple sophisticates charm.


6. Tomato

The tomato is a medium shade of red, mix between pink shade and orange. It carried a symbolic of warmth and energy.


7. Salmon

Salmon is a pink shade colour with a slightly dark red undertone.


8. Blood Orange

Blood orange is a dark, bright shade of red that’s less aggressive than pure red. 


9. Dark Cherry red

Is a deep, dark shade of red closer to black. Give a sense of mystery.



So, which one is your favorite shade of red?