Forget winter holiday, throw that coat and sweater away, it’s time for the light fabric clothes shine.  Yes, technically spring is not here yet, but there’s nothing wrong with starting early. During season like this where the store already clearing up the fall-winter clothes with huge sale and start displaying the spring collection, but the weather hasn’t changed completely. Then it’s a little bit awkward to wear spring outfit. So, how to pull of this transition elegantly? How about mixed the fall-winter style with spring style. Where light fabric of spring wardrobe mix with a moody tone of fall-winter collection, like black and deep red. Just like choosing the black colour and deep red, choosing the neutral, like khaki, beige or tan  can be safe choice. This type of style can be good for people whose not a fan of bright and colourful wardrobe, but want to dress up under the spring and summer heat. 


Below are some of option from our collection to help you with your pre-spring outfit



(Thrill seeker sleeve mini dress in Bronze and Thrill seeker top in black from Premonition)



(Thrill seeker top in White and Thrill seeker mini skirt in Bronze from Premonition and Aruba flared sleeve blouse from Shona Joy with Metamorphic pant from Be and bridge)




(Thrill seeker midi dress in bronze and Maritini from Premonition)



(Day dream pant from Premonition and Decadent L/S from Bec and Bridge)