little tips to help you choose your date night outfit!

What to wear to date night? it’s a simple question, but somehow It’s like a chapter of mystery books, full of guessing, thriller, suspend and dilemma of finding the answer. So, is there any blue print to solve this mystery? Well, here are some tips to help you solve date night outfit dilemma.


1. Always checked the venue and the setting. If it’s formal setting you can choose the looks that is more glamorous and formal. But if it’s more casual, cute cocktail dress can be your choice.



( Left : Woven Bardot Jumpsuit in Black & Right : Velvet squin one shoulder from Lavish Alice)


2. Don’t show too much skin. You can be sexy and flirty if you want, but make sure, you left something for the imagination.


3. Choose comfort. Choose something that you can eat, drink, walk and breath in it. Make sure you are comfortable.





( Left : Thrill seeker midi dressin Lust from Premonition & Right : Double layer boned bandeau from Lavish Alice)


( Left : Woven cape midi dress & Right : Ponte asymmetric one shoulder from Lavish Alice)

4. Last but not least, it’s okay to wear something to help you stand out, from red lipstick, accessories or jewellery, because it can be an ice breaker. But remember, don’t look like your about to go to a Halloween party or looking like a Christmas tree. 


We hope these simple tips are useful to solve your date night wardrobe dilemma!