From your cheek to your wardrobe.

Blush, used to make our faces look fresher, lively and radiance. Imagine that impact coming from your wardrobe, you are surely standing out and hard to miss. In makeup, Blush has many variations just like human skin tone, from warm and cold undertone to pink, red and coral shade. So, don’t you worry, this tone can suit everyone.


Just like blush, there are not seasons for this. Just when you felt little dull and you want to brighten your look, choosing from one of these tones can be a right option for your look.



(compromise jumpsuit by Premonition, Audrey mini dress by Bec and Bride)


Warm  undertone




(Bright wrap overt wide leg tailored jumpsuit by Lavish Alice, Thrill seeker sleeveless mini dress in lust by Premonition)


Red tone




(Elevation dress and Thrill seeker sleeveless mini dress by Premonition)


Coral tone




(Origami folded one shoulder culotte jumpsuit by Lavish Alice, India Rose dress by Bec and Bride)


Cool undertone