So what does it mean to really travel? What is the difference between going on holiday and traveling? The length of time varies
If you are going to travel, you will need to be gone way longer than your annual leave will allows, it's generally taken over a month. A holiday on the other hand can be squeezed into just 5 days, but very rarely more than 3 weeks.
A travelling person lets life unfold as they are living it, avoiding organized tours ‘It’s about the journey, not the destination.’ A holiday on the other hand is about relaxing. Lying on a sun lounger and we barely leave the poolside at the hotel while eating our scrambled egg for breakfast.
The budget is highly influenced by the length of time, it is logical that a holiday might involve things which are more costly such as a couple of nice meals out or a few nights at a great accommodation place. Travelling requires more, sometimes involves a cheaper option and perhaps camping wherever is possible.
Cultural Exposure
A traveler will throw themselves into cultural exchanges like eating where the locals do, reading about the customs and spend time to absorbing the vibe of a new place. A holiday doesn’t necessarily provide a much cultural interaction, as the goal itself to relax, means people are not close enough with the local culture in their time away.
Simply travelling takes one to developing countries and off the beaten path destinations, while holidaying involves laying back in beautiful locations with a good place.
Despite what some might say, travelling and taking a holiday are not mutually exclusive. It’s all comes down to your state of mind and the reasons you are going in the first place. So called holiday people want to go away to relax, to do nothing for a while, and just want to have fun. Travelers go away to learn about the world, gaining a personal growth, to challenge themselves, to experience, and to have new experiences you must be open to them. Sometimes this can be difficult and frightening even, stepping out of your comfort zone. Going to strange places, strange food, strange customs and ways of life that seem odd to you, and often an opposite of your own belief. But isn't that what makes the world interesting?
Photo Courtesy of CHANEL