Think Pink! Think pink! Think pink for this summer !


Pink makeup and product inspiration !



Think Pink! Think pink! When you shop for summer clothes. Think pink! … Just like the iconic scene from classic Audrey film, Funny Face. Shall we all think pink for a moment? Although, we’re not discussing summer clothes, but pink surely our topic and it’s all about pink makeup. Yes, pink might one of the classic colors in makeup, but classic doesn’t meant boring.



Shown at the biggest runway to the biggest fashion event, the MET Gala, pink rule. From strong pink blush on Rihanna or statement pink shadow on Selena to soft and sultry on Jennifer Connelly or natural tone on Roberto Cavalli model. Pink makeup proves the wide range of variation tone from classy, sexy, romantic, natural to fun and daring. Not only that just like red, pinks also suitable for any skin tone. 



So, are you ready to add some pink pigment to your makeup this summer?