Here are 10 wedding guest dress code etiquette to help you to be good wedding guest !


  1. Make sure you know and understand the dress code. If you are unsure about it, you can always ask the bride or other friend and also check out what other guest wearing to the wedding, to avoid and mistake or mishap. 
  2. Don’t wear white or ivory dress, leave those to color to the bride. Unless it was requested by the bride.
  3. Don’t flash to much flesh or your undergarment. Remember it’s a wedding not a night club.
  4. If you are in doubt wear prints. Prints like floral can be a choice to wear to a wedding.
  5. Have fun with your head or hair accessories, but make sure it’s not a crown or tiara, leave those to the bride.
  6. Don’t wear black from head to toe. Classic black dress always seams a good idea when you are not sure what to wear, but you want to look chic. But, wearing head to toe black in  wedding it’s not appropriate, so when you decide to wear that little black dress to a wedding, make sure you have your accessories are in colors .
  7. Don’t break the bank! dress up your everyday items, from little black dress, white shirt, cute blouse and skirt with some jewelry, purse and cute footwear, just make sure your look still appropriate for the wedding dress code. 
  8. Try other alternative to look chic and not breaking the bank by chosing tailored outfit/ items. Such as pants suit or tailored pants and shirt.
  9. In the wedding invitation may said “casual” or maybe “semiformal” but, please don’t get to comfortable and take casual to far. It’s just going to reflect an image that you don’t respect the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony or the other guest.
  10. Last but surely not least important than the others, is the comfortable footwear. Yes, this rule not only apply to the bride but also to the wedding guest. Make sure your foot are not hurting during the wedding. Because there are going to be lots of standing and walking around for you. So make sure your footwear not stopping you from enjoying the ceremony and socializing with other guest.


extra wedding guest etiquette:

  1. Don’t forget to RSVP
  2. Don’t talk to each other way too much during the ceremony
  3. Silent your phone and don’t take picture or video during the ceremony, leave that to wedding photographer
  4. Keep your behavior in check